chaos reigns

New Antichrist Catchphrase Will Drink Your Milkshake

While wangs have enjoyed a remarkable renaissance at the cineplex in 2009, the same cannot be said for catchphrases. After all, if you look back at this year, the closest we’ve come to an “I drink your milkshake!” moment was when decidedly NSFW audio of Christian Bale’s freak-out on the set of Terminator: Salvation leaked. However, the marketing team over at IFC has been working overtime the last few weeks to ensure that a line from Antichrist makes its way into the zeitgeist. Specifically, the moment in the film when an animated fox that has just finished eating its own entrails snarls “Chaos reigns!” to a clearly stunned (yet still presumably fully testicled) Willem Dafoe — and you know what? It seems to be working!

As a primer, here’s the full cut of the scene from Antichrist that has everyone riled up:

And now, here’s the Fantastic Mr. Fox remix (via Movieline):

Lastly, here’s a bunch of crazed nerds fanboys screaming “Chaos reigns!” at Fantastic Fest:

And just as you’d expect, there are already T-shirts, too! CHAOS REIGNS (at the cash register)!

New Antichrist Catchphrase Will Drink Your Milkshake