New Lil Wayne Mixtape Revives His Glory Run

Whatever else happens, we’ve at least got one new album from Lil Wayne before he hits the big house: His latest mixtape, No Ceilings, is here. Presumably completed before his plea bargain, it contains no references to his upcoming jail term, but it does contain a whole bunch of notable jacked beats, including “Throw It In the Bag,” “Poker Face,” and “Run This Town.” It also contains the closest approximation this year to the vintage, gushing-fountain Weezy flow, the one that guided him through that insane pre-Carter III mixtape run.

Remember, since Tha Carter III, as he explained to Rolling Stone, he got so successful (“I woke up one morning and had three or four women in my bed where I not only didn’t know their last names, I didn’t know the beginning letter of their first names”) that he got bored. Which is where all that guitar and Auto-Tune bullshit came in.

But we guess he’s not bored anymore! Wonderfully, he’s back to straight spazzin’. As he nonsensically puts it on “Break Up”: “Nice tires on the ‘ghini, you should want to king me / brain-dead flow, vegetable zucchini.” (Also weirdly awesome, elsewhere: “Call me the spleen or the spline (?) fixer / it’s going down like the Catalina Wine Mixer.”) Wayne will be sentenced in February, and will serve a minimum of ten months. But until then, can we hope for another awesome nutso-prolific mixtape run?

Download No Ceilings at NahRight

New Lil Wayne Mixtape Revives His Glory Run