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Adrien Brody to Be Killed by the Predator

Adrien Versus Predator: We know you’ve been wondering ever since you heard about the Robert Rodriguez–produced, Nimrod Antal–directed Predators, just which actor would face off against the dreadlocked aliens this time out. The answer? Adrien Brody, of course! The svelte Oscar winner will play the chief mercenary doing battle with the trophy-hunting aliens. Also onboard are Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, and some surely awesome actor named Mahershalalhashbaz Ali. Unless Brody and predator get into some kind of emote-off, we’re putting our money on the predator. [Variety]

Go Fisher: Isla Fisher has lined up two projects at Universal: Life Coach (which she will also produce), about a young woman who consults a life coach who could use some life coaching of his or her own; and Un Jour mes princes viendront — or, as our grade-school French tells us (and also the translation in the original article), One Day My Princes Will Come — a romantic comedy based on an original French script. Damn, now Hollywood’s remaking foreign movies before they even get made the first time?! [Variety]

Drift Love: Samuel L. Jackson will star in an adaptation of Same Kind of Different as Me, a nonfiction book written by Dallas art dealer Ron Hall and Denver Moore, an ex-con drifter with whom Hall developed an unlikely friendship. Jackson will play the drifter. Kids, you see the wonderful things that can happen if you just drift from place to place? [Variety]

Time Off: New Line is eyeing a Vacation sequel that would revolve around Rusty Griswold, now a grown man taking his own family on a trip. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo may return as grandparents, and David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) will produce and perhaps direct. Apparently, though, the studio is looking for more of a Little Miss Sunshine feel, to which we say: Respect the franchise, people. [HR]

The Tellems: CBS Network TV Entertainment Group president Nancy Tellem is getting a promotion, moving away from day-to-day responsibilities to focus on the “strategic aspects of content creation,” which we think means figuring out the Internet. She should be able to get some good advice from the similarly named Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em — and yes, the only reason we mentioned this dry bit of industry news in the first place was so that we could make that admittedly not-very-clever Soulja Boy reference. [HR]

Death Lives: Bored to Death has already been picked up for a second season by HBO. Congratulations, Bored to Death! One question: Is Zach Galifianakis, who signed on before getting really famous, going to stick around? Or are we going to have an awkward unacknowledged actor-switch for the first time in a long time? Just in case, portly, out-of-work actors: Start your beards! [HR]

Adrien Brody to Be Killed by the Predator