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Ricky Gervais Just Having Terrible Luck With Chairs

“I do have a director’s chair… and this is embarrassing. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but I broke three. Not because they’re those sort of like canvas ones. But they must have been faulty ones. I ripped the canvas three times and it’s so embarrassing getting the runner and going: ‘I’ve broken another one’.” —Ricky Gervais [Showbiz Spy]

“But I have kept it close to my chest, even in my family I haven’t shown anybody. I can tell you it’s tight! It’s a utilitarian sexy S.W.A.T. type of look. In the comics it’s pushed to the extreme and we tried to make it realistic so the material is functional. And obviously I needed to move a lot because I have big stunt sequences. But boy is that catsuit tight.” —Scarlett Johansson on her Iron Man 2 outfit [Contact Music]

“I saw this film when I was on the jury in Cannes. I was with Tarantino and we both said, ‘What is this thing?’ I thought it was amazing, brave and interesting. I thought, ‘I want to work with this man.’ He was here and he asked me all these questions like, ‘Can you go without wearing make-up?’ and, ‘Do you need your own hairdresser?’ and I thought, ‘What boring questions!’ But I was very interested in doing the film. But I didn’t show it. I stayed cool on the outside but so excited inside.” —Emmanuelle Béart on meeting Fabrice du Welz, director of Vinyan, for the first time [Telegraph UK]

“I have been obsessed with the whole Marilyn Monroe thing my whole life — all those artists who died young. Michael Jackson. At one point, we talked about that stuff. I can’t reveal what he thought. But yes, we had a conversation about it once.”—Mariah Carey [InTouch via Pop Eater]

“The one genre I don’t watch is horror. I get nightmares. For some reason, it really scares me.” —Woody Harrelson [LAT]

“My job is great so how can I retire from a job like this? I tell you what I don’t want to do anymore — TV work. I hate it. They stab you with a smile on their face and then ask you for the knife back.” —Ozzy Osbourne [Metro UK via Female First]

Ricky Gervais Just Having Terrible Luck With Chairs