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Rob Corddry Moving His Unconventional Family to a Weird World

Rob Report: Rob Corddry has signed a plum new deal with Warner Bros calling for the Daily Show alum to create, produce, and star in a pilot for the studio, which it will then shop for him. The story Corddry is working with revolves around an unconventional family that exists in a not-quite-this-world world. “It’s a weird world kind of comedy. Like in the movie The Invention of Lying, it will be set in a world that doesn’t run by an exact rule,” he said. We can guarantee one rule it will run by though — being awesome. [Variety]

Poor Kid: Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky are developing a comedy for Showtime based on the memoir of Craig Chester, the gay son of born-again parents who went on to a career in indie films. Tentatively titled Rapture, the story would be told from the perspective of a 9-year-old Chester, who’s not only dealing with his own sexuality but learning how to handle his born-again mother and his guitar-playing dad. Sounds like this family could use a visit to Kudrow’s Dr. Fiona Wallice. [Variety]

More Blood Please: The CW has placed its order for a full back nine episodes of The Vampire Diaries. The new Melrose Place didn’t get the same treatment, but it did score an order for five more shows. Only six episodes into their first seasons, the two shows are on divergent paths: The Vampire Diaries is a legit hit and Melrose is not. But CW execs are still holding out hope that Heather Locklear’s arrival will make everything better. It won’t. [Variety]

Thug Life: The Korean gangster flick A Dirty Carnival is getting the remake treatment by Sparkler Entertainment and CJ Entertainment. Chris Hauty (Never Back Down) is onboard to write the script about the rise and fall of a small-time thug who collects debts for Korean gangsters while also dealing with his family’s own financial problems. Sparkler Entertainment was behind National Treasure, which means the money the thug is collecting will probably have some mysterious and convoluted code on it. Someone call Nic Cage. [Variety]

Bullets Fly: Don’t let anyone ever tell you Chow Yun-fat doesn’t have a sense of humor. Why someone would be on the topic of Chow Yun-fat’s ability to be funny is irrelevant. Just be able to defend him with the knowledge that he’s about to star in a comedy called Let the Bullets Fly. You’ll look like a kung-fu expert, and there’s nothing wrong with that. [Variety]

Rob Corddry Moving His Unconventional Family to a Weird World