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Rod Stewart to Spare Us More Rod Stewart Songs

“Songwriting was never something that came naturally to me. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever put pen to paper ever again. I’m having too much fun doing [covers].” —Rod Stewart [Spinner]

“Vampires for me were always like feeling grief for my lost childhood faith, being cut off from that life. I reached the point where I didn’t have any more stories to tell from that point of view. Being on the side of the angels, it feels much better than being on the side of the vampires. Vampires were tortured, tragic figures.” —Anne Rice on abandoning vampires for the good life [WSJ via MTV]

“A seven-year-old came up and asked me to bite her — and she was serious. I thought, ‘You don’t know what you’re asking.’ That was very odd.” —Robert Pattinson [MTV]

“Pete Marino is a slob and often makes snap judgments that he regrets. Hate to say it, but I can relate. In contrast, Scarpetta is thoughtful, deliberate, impeccable, which is my fantasy.” —Patricia Cornwell on her fictional characters that are most like her [PopMatters]

“It was really, really wonderful. I just am never going to forget it. There was lots of Chewbacca noises being made. People were like, ‘You’re an abominable snowman.’ I’m like, ‘It’s Chewbacca!’ ” —Taylor Swift on last year’s confusing Halloween costume [MTV]

Rod Stewart to Spare Us More Rod Stewart Songs