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So, How’s Chris Brown’s Comeback Going?

Yesterday morning, Rihanna released her new single and announced the title of her new album. Yesterday afternoon, Chris Brown announced his comeback tour and posted photos from his new video. Odd timing? We’d say so! But wait, there’s much more to second-guess!

Brown’s upcoming jaunt is being billed as his Fan Appreciation tour, and his way “to acknowledge and thank his fans for their ongoing support.” (You know, all those people not on his case for attacking Rihanna and being seemingly unrepentant afterward.) It’ll run through small venues, allegedly for intimacy’s sake. Is that a cover for the fact that the now-sullied Brown can’t sell out arenas? (Seeing as he’s headlining the Power 105 concert at the Izod Center next week, maybe not, incredibly.)

A portion of the tour’s profits (a portion!) will benefit two charities: Best Buddies International, which aids those with developmental disabilities, and, more notably, the Jenesse Center, which shelters victims of domestic violence (although the press release’s strangely ambiguous description just says the center “provides [a] culturally sensitive, comprehensive, centralized base of support and services”). Vulture’s official position on rich people giving away money is that it is good, but we wonder how long it took for his handlers and image consultants to agree on which charities to support.

Brown also released images from the upcoming video for his “I Can Transform Ya,” which, bizarrely, show him dressed as a ninja, jump-kicking through the air while wielding nunchakus. An interesting choice!

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So, How’s Chris Brown’s Comeback Going?