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Tom Hanks Puts a Ring on It

“Dada-dada ring on it! Dada-dada ring on it! That is a damn fine song, the Beyoncé song … because it’s infectious.” —Tom Hanks on his favorite song of 2009 (“Single Ladies” came out in 2008) [HuffPo]

“We got our heads taken off and it killed us. I am in an expensive business in which repeated failure is not looked upon as a badge of honor. One of the classic definitions of insanity is performing the same act and hoping for a different outcome. If I can’t look back at my career and course-correct, I am an idiot. I don’t have to make shit, but I also don’t want to lose people millions of dollars.” —Steven Soderbergh on going commercial after several box-office failures [Telegraph UK]

“I think it’s more fun to play a bad person than a good person. [Jane] almost blows your mind how evil she is.” —Dakota Fanning on her character in New Moon [Female First]

“I haven’t gone back since because I’m afraid. I’d never get sober for one thing, and to have to run around in a dress … it’s cold up there!” —Mel Gibson will never go back to Scotland after Braveheart [Showbiz Spy]

“You ask her how old she is, she says, ‘23, how old are you?’ and when I tell her I’m 41 it’s like I’ve just told her I have cancer. It’s ‘Oh my God, how long have you had that?’” —Jamie Foxx [Boston Globe]

Tom Hanks Puts a Ring on It