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Week in Review: The Triumphant Return of Ben Silverman

We’re not sure exactly who coined the phrase “You can’t keep a good man down,” but those words never rang truer than when Vulture hero Ben Silverman emerged from the shadows this week and triumphantly announced the launch of his new company, Electus. We wish he would’ve copped to the fact that the name was inspired by some sexually freaky parrots, but when you’ve got $125 million of Barry Diller’s money behind you, we understand the pressure to keep things on the up-and-up. Proving that he hasn’t lost a step and, perhaps, has gotten even more awesome since he left NBC, he immediately gave an interview to Worth magazine in which he slammed Vulture buddy Nikki Finke. Welcome back, Ben!

So, what else happened this week?

Nell Scovell alleged that there was a “hostile work environment” in David Letterman’s world. Wes Anderson second-guessed the success of Slumdog Millionaire. Paul Haggis said sayonara to Scientology. Jared Hess made fun of New Moon’s crappy CGI, but Chris Weitz insisted the finished product wouldn’t suck. Spike Jonze slapped Kanye. Matthew Broderick couldn’t remember his lines.

Alec Baldwin made up for calling his daughter a thoughtless pig. This Is It didn’t meet expectations. The “last place buffoons” at NBC stuck a fork in Trauma. Juliet died. Dan Aykroyd set the table for Ghostbusters 3. Hulu backed off. Catholics got pissed at Larry David. Craig Ferguson blacked out.

Al Roker got humped by a moonwalking Ewok. Adam Lambert blew our minds with his cosmic awesomeness. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys did it for New York, New York, New York. Scott Stapp showed us his tits. Hugh Jackman disappointed us all. Billy Corgan warned us not to inject ourselves with the H1N1 vaccine.

Joan Holloway cracked Dr. Rapist over the head with a vase. Taylor fell for Taylor. Billy Joel sought out some panties before the big Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert at Madison Square Garden. Megan Fox cleared the air. Ricky Gervais promised to get drunk at the Golden Globes (which he’s hosting).

Week in Review: The Triumphant Return of Ben Silverman