White Shit, Our New Favorite Punk Band

This, apparently, is the cover of their new album, Sculpted Beef.

Beyond the member named “Tits” (a male or female, we’re not sure; maybe if we knew the first name was “Man” … ), the makeup of White Shit doesn’t much interest us. But their song “Jim Morrison” — which you can download here — is utterly transfixing. One minute into the two-and-a-half-minute track — a model of thrumming, elemental punk, once you get past all the feedback — the narrator intones the story of his troubled former neighbor, starting with an I.D. (“The Jim Morrison I knew never wrote poetry, and, to the best of my knowledge, never owned a pair of leather pants”) and landing on bit of existential musing (“On quiet nights, when I’m enjoying a glass of Merlot, I often wonder if Jim is dying a slow, poignant death, alone in his bathtub, with drink in hand”). If you think we’ve given it all away, you do not know the magic of this song. But if it sounds like too much of a bummer, just go ahead and watch the Chali 2na video embedded below.

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White Shit, Our New Favorite Punk Band