Who Do You Want to See Killed Off True Blood?

We’ll admit it: We still have a bit of an icky taste in our mouths as a result of the wildly disappointing season finale of True Blood. What started off as a great season ended on a crushingly lame note; we certainly hope that Alan Ball gets himself re-engaged in the creative process during the show’s third season. And, thankfully, there are signs that he’s doing just that. Over the weekend, he told TV Guide that “Somebody is going to bite the dust and it’s going to be really good to see them get what they deserve.” When pressed for details, the only detail he mentioned is that “it’s a person we’ll be happy to see go.” So, who should it be?

Please notice that we said “should” and not “will.” Let’s evaluate a few of the potential choices of characters that we would LOVE to see offed:

Bill: At the end of the show’s second season, someone or something dragged Bill off into the darkness. We certainly hope that it was long drag off a short pier, because Bill is turning out to be a boring fuddy-duddy of a vamp. His romance with Sookie has gotten stale and we like Eric way better. So let’s off Bill!

Tara: She’s been Sookie’s best friend since the two were children, but let’s face it, she’s made a lot of bad decisions of late. We kind of like her character and the actress who portrays her, but having her killed would certainly set off a lot of interesting plot developments. Our hearts would definitely not be broken if Tara met an early demise.

Deputy Andy Bellefleur: Talk about an annoying, one-note character! Every time we hear his accent we want to cover our ears. He’s certainly someone that we’d be happy to see go.

But then again, what do we know? Who do YOU want to see go? Who do you think Alan Ball is most likely to kill off?

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Who Do You Want to See Killed Off True Blood?