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Let Us Show You ‘Who Shot Rock & Roll’

The Brooklyn Museum’s “Who Shot Rock & Roll, a Photographic History, 1955 to the Present,” showcases rock stars, of course, but it also means to highlight the photographers — like Albert Watson, Richard Kern, and William “PoPsie” Randolph — who captured them. Showing the artists up close and sweating, the portraits of Little Richard and Tina Turner are almost shocking. Max Vadukul’s photo of Amy Winehouse makes her seem girlish, even with her hand down her pants. And then there’s the perfectly dreamy black-and-white image, by Barry Feinstein, of Bob Dylan on a wide and sunlit paved road, facing a gaggle of three precocious-looking young gentlemen. See these and other shots in our slideshow.

Michael Putland (taken 1982; printed nineties)
Andy Earl
William “PoPsie” Randolph
Ian Dickson
Albert Watson (taken in 1992; printed 2009)
Shawn Mortensen
Henry Diltz
Albert Watson (taken 1999; printed 2000)
Barry Feinstein
Richard Kern (taken 1995; printed 2008)
Nitin Vadukul (taken 1993; printed 2008)
Josh Cheuse
Richard Kern (taken 1984, printed 2008)
Max Vadukul
Albert Watson
Baron Wolman (taken October 19, 1969; printed 1972)
Let Us Show You ‘Who Shot Rock & Roll’