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Who Will Upstage Taylor Swift When She Hosts SNL?

You would think that the teenage country-music ingenue Taylor Swift would be having the time of her life. She’s selling out arenas coast-to-coast, her sophomore album Fearless has gone double platinum and sold more copies this year than any other record, and with her single “Love Story,” she’s finally cracked the international market. However, no matter where Swift turns, it seems that there is a celebrity on hand who is more than willing to upstage her. First, Kanye West stole a great deal of her thunder at the VMAs last month and then, last night, none other than the furry-lipped Daniel Craig decided to photo-bomb Swift and one of her extremely attractive friends. And now that Swift has been named as the host of an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, our minds are spinning as to what A-lister will decide to try to rain on her parade.

As you can see in this skit from last February when Neil Patrick Harris hosted the show (and Swift was the musical guest), she might just have the chops to pull this thing off:

But, the question remains: Who will upstage her this time around? Will the SNL folks be able to convince Kanye to make a special appearance? Or perhaps Lil Mama will once again feel compelled to show up uninvited and bask in Swift’s glory? We’ll have to wait until November 7 to find out, but until then, feel free to sound off below.

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Who Will Upstage Taylor Swift When She Hosts SNL?