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Zach Braff Still Technically Alive

“I’m alive. I’m here at Scrubs shooting the new Scrubs title sequence which is a little bit like dying, so I guess that was semi-accurate. Also, I would never off myself with pills. If I had to do it, I would do it the way that everyone else would do it — by hitting myself with pots and pans.” —Zach Braff on yesterday’s Internet rumors that he’d killed himself [E! Online]

“I don’t remember anything. Because I was probably like 1 and a half years old, having my parents read it to me.” —Max Records, star of Where the Wild Things Are, on having no formulative memories of the book [MTV]

“I read the book as a kid; it was read to me. I read it to my kid now. One of my best friends from childhood has a giant tattoo of Max with a fork in his hand down her back. It was like a big, big deal, deeply embedded in our collective psyche. And also, on her back.” —Lauren Ambrose is the opposite [MTV]

“I’m an old broad to be doing all this stuff. Why, why on earth would it be the last time? What are you planning on me dying? Forget it.” —>Liza Minnelli is not on her final world tour [Sydney Morning Herald]

“I can keep a much lower profile, which is enjoyable. And then if someone’s looking at me, I’m like: ‘Why are they staring at me? What’s wrong? Have I got something on my face?’ I’ve had lots [of fans] dressed as versions of me. I’ve had flight attendants, robots, showgirls, all of them—from three-year-olds up.” —Kylie Minogue on how nobody in the U.S. knows who she is, except for the people dressing up as her [Showbiz Spy]

“After 12 actresses turned down the role, it was finally mine.” —Sharon Stone on Basic Instinct [Female First]

Zach Braff Still Technically Alive