30 Rock: And Yet You Won’t Tell Me

30 Rock

Sun Tea
Season 4 Episode 6

We haven’t seen as many 30 Rock quotes on Facebook this morning as we’re used to (and we couldn’t bring ourselves to select “like” for “It’s no rules, like check-in at an Italian airport”), because instead of one-liners, this episode was chockablock with great mini-sketches, gags, and flights of fancy. (And yes, we say this partly as a ploy to get you to list your favorite lines.) Most significant of these, of course, is the Cosby sequence, where general anesthesia causes Tracy to dream of himself and his wise-cracking son in the kitchen of that famous set; it wasn’t funny so much as delightful to see them there.

Second best has to be Dot Com posing — ha! — so incongruously as Liz’s jealous lover, bursting through the door and describing just how threatening and irrational he likes to act. (We’re not much for domestic-violence humor, but this being 30 Rock, the scene skirts soul annihilation.) Then, eh, Brian — the “gay hipster cop” Liz schemes to steal the upstairs apartment from — arrests him. Much richer than the duplex plot is the touching-ish Tracy-and-Jack-contemplate-vasectomies story, which fuels the brilliant rant below.

30 Rock: And Yet You Won’t Tell Me