Adman Mad at Mad Men

Richard Gilbert is a former Madison Avenue adman who founded the agency Gilbert Advertising, and last year wrote the book Marching Up Madison Avenue: How I Beat the Entrepreneurial Odds Armed With a Pencil and My Imagination. So every week when he tunes in to Mad Men, it’s like tuning into his life, except for the parts that are all wrong. In a letter to Ad Age, Gilbert rips into the show for getting London Fog wrong, not understanding sixties censors, and generally sucking. Here’s his zing! line:

“The show’s producers claim that they did meticulous research, and they obviously did — on girdles, cigarettes, clothing, furnishings, art work, etc. But they seem to have done little or none on advertising for an advertising-themed show.

Zing! If you consider Mad Men a historical document above all else, you probably shouldn’t read the rest.

Real London Fog Adman Not Happy About ‘Mad Men’ [Ad Age]

Adman Mad at Mad Men