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Don Draper: The Doll

Smooth operator

To promote the third season of Mad Men in New Zealand, the communications agency DraftFCB put together Don Draper dolls to send to the media there. While you can’t own one, and they don’t really look like Jon Hamm, whose face is much craggier and more masculine, with a stronger jawline and a much less button-y nose (we can’t even imagine how smooth this doll’s “smooth area” must be!), you can admire the idea and the craftsmanship. A representative from the agency told the Mad Men uber fansite Basket of Kisses how they put the doll together:

“His suit is hand-stitched from real cloth, we designed and built a wood-paneled box for him to sit in. They were prohibitively expensive to make and we ran out of budget pretty quick, but totally worth it.”

Note that the packaging is even cuter than the doll: “Collect all four mistresses!”

Don Doll Want [Basket of Kisses]

Don Draper: The Doll