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Gabby Sidibe Makes Her Outrageously Charming Conan Debut

The Oscar speech is going to absolutely kill.

Gabourey Sidibe, this year’s breakout star of Precious, was on Conan last night and basically just: wow. We could watch her and Conan talk for hours. There could be an entire show of this (actually, not really a bad idea, given Conan’s recent Leno-caused troubles.) Gabby, who is already famous for her valley-girl accent and general dissimilarity to her Precious character (because, as it’s been noted, it’s called “acting”), hit it out of the park with stories about meeting Oprah, being the world’s biggest *NSync geek, and, especially, her best friend Crystal’s crush on Conan: “Here’s the thing about Crystal: she is totes in love with you.” Watching this, we had the same awe Conan had (“You’re the greatest guest ever. You’re so much fun to talk to.”), but it’s not just because Gabby is real and not yet jaded and all those (true) things that make her different from the usual robotic celebrity guests. It’s because she’s, like, an actual talented conversationalist – off-the-cuff funny the way most actors are not. This interview is an absolute must-watch – probably the best Conan has featured so far on his new show.

Part 1: Meeting Oprah:

Part 2: *NSync and Crystal:

Part 3: Growing Pains:

[The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien]

Gabby Sidibe Makes Her Outrageously Charming Conan Debut