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George Clooney Impugns Friend’s Mustache-Growing Ability

“Matt Damon’s moustache is made of synthetic fiber. He can not grow a moustache.” —George Clooney [Access Hollywood]

“The nude scenes never felt magical. They felt like a pain in the arse. I think I should have just had one big nude day. Wouldn’t that have been a good idea? Then I could have got it all over and done with, which would have been good. Those scenes were an unnecessary evil. I did exactly as I was told so we could get them done as quickly as possible and get on with the rest of the day.” —Eric Bana on shooting The Time Traveler’s Wife [Sydney Morning Herald]

“People have such passionate feelings about the books as I know through my daughter — there’s nothing more terrifying in some ways than the passions of teenage girls. I remember my daughter said, ‘Aro is bald.’ Clearly he’s not, but that’s her picture of him. Maybe she was thinking of Nosferatu.” —Michael Sheen on the Twilight series [LAT]

“I said to my manager, ‘I can’t do that thing where someone comes up behind you and you look scared’. And he said, ‘What? Acting?’ And I was like, ‘That’s it! I can’t do that!’” —Robert Pattinson [Showbiz Spy]

“I’d like to do a movie in space. If possible I would like to try to actually shoot some of it on location in space. That’s my preference.” —Wes Anderson [Access Hollywood]

“I think one of them asked if I wore Y-fronts or boxers or something. My favorite question was at the end — ‘Why are you evil?’” —Simon Cowell on being interviewed by children [Showbiz Spy]

George Clooney Impugns Friend’s Mustache-Growing Ability