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Jeffrey Tambor is Getting Anxious

High Anxiety: Jeffrey Tambor has signed on to star alongside David Tennant in NBC’s pilot for Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. Rex, played by Tennant, is a Chicago lawyer who suffers panic attacks and decides to teach his clients to represent themselves. Tambor will play Rex’s psychiatrist, who also happens to suffer from an anxiety disorder and date Rex’s mom. There is, however, a problem with their relationship. No touching! [THR]

Angels in the Pilot: ABC is close to ordering a pilot for a modern version of Charlie’s Angels. The new series would be written and produced by John Friedman, who recently brought the Terminator to the small screen with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Variety says Drew Barrymore is involved but doesn’t mention if she will star. Clearly, she’d make an amazing Bosley. [Variety]

The King: Ben Kingsley and his wife Daniela Lavender have signed on to star in the Indian epic Taj. Based on a true story, the film chronicles the relationship between 17th century Indian emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Kandahari Begum. British novelist and playwright David Ashton has written the script. This is finally Kingsley’s chance to test that formula he concocted in 1982: One Kingsley + one Indian legend = Oscar. [Variety]

The Green Screen: National Treasure director John Turteltaub will direct an as-yet-untitled film about the founding of environmental organization Greenpeace. Set in the late seventies and early eighties, the story will follow the group’s founding members Bob Hunter and Rex Weyler, as they disrupt nuclear bomb tests and crash whaling ships. The producers are still looking for a writer and Aaron Sorkin has been approached. He’ll probably let them know if he’s interested via Facebook. [Variety]

Space Invaders: Outer Space Astronauts, a new half-hour comedy series, will debut on Syfy on Dec. 8. The show is about eight soldiers who travel the galaxy seeking adventure and knowledge. Russell Barrett, Scott Puckett and David O. Russell are producing the show, which will use live-action, 2D and 3D animation in an attempt to appeal to the male demographic that enjoys both science fiction and cartoons (that would be the whole male demographic). [THR]

Jeffrey Tambor is Getting Anxious