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Jon Hamm Reveals His Plan B

“That’s easy. Roger in a heartbeat. He gets all the best lines.” —Jon Hamm on who he’d like to be if not Don Draper [AMCtv]

“I had gotten the gig of being the innkeeper in the Christmas play at school. But because I misbehaved in class, they switched me to the choir, and I had to sing Christmas carols instead. Basically, I got fired as the innkeeper—so I guess you could say my early career was a bust.” —Bill Murray [Parade]

“God, no! No, no, no! Never!” —Eva Mendes on whether she’ll star in Resident Evil: Afterlife [WENN via Contact Music]

“I woke up with the song in my head called ‘Half of My Heart.’ And the idea is that it’s this real sort of updated — not that it needs to be updated — sort of Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks thing. I thought, ‘Well, if this is going to be my love letter to that style of music, who’s going to be the Stevie Nicks in this equation?’ And I thought, ‘This Taylor Swift girl is going to be around for a long time.’ ” —John Mayer on his Stevie Nicks [MTV]

“I was very sad that it didn’t succeed. They were very talented people and they did a really good job. It was one of those awful stories where I thought everyone was great and I went to the first night, which was wonderful, had a great party and then the New York Times review came in and it was over and that was it.” —Nick Hornby on the Broadway version of High Fidelity [WENN via Female First]

Jon Hamm Reveals His Plan B