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Lady Gaga Meets Gossip Girl

Disco Stick: Lady Gaga will perform her single “Bad Romance” on the November 16 episode of Gossip Girl. The cast and crew were especially happy that she stuck around for almost an entire half day of production in October to lip-sync in the background of the other shots in her scene. The episode is titled “The Last Days of Disco Stick,” which makes us think that something even raunchier than Lady Gaga is in store. [RS]

Lay the Favorite: D.V. DeVincentis and Stephen Frears, the writer-director tag team behind High Fidelity, seem to be reunited around Lay the Favorite, a film about middle-aged math dorks from Queens who hustle Vegas sportsbooks to get rich. It will be kind of like 21, except not unwatchable. [THR]

Micromanagement: J.J. Abrams wants to direct the pilot of his new NBC show Undercovers. Abrams hasn’t indulged in that level of first-episode micromanagement since the Lost 2004 season premiere, although he has guest-directed shows from time to time. Undercovers is supposed to be a mix between Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity, plus, like, all those other action movies full of hot actors that we can’t even think of right now. [HR]

Pic-a-nic Baskets: Justin Timberlake, Dan Akroyd, and Anna Faris will supply the voices for Warner Bros.’ Yogi Bear movie. Timberland Timberlake will most likely play the Boo-Boo to Akroyd’s Yogi, and Faris will play a documentary filmmaker. Lucky for them, the film combines live action and CG animation, which means they have an excuse to spend time in New Zealand on location in Jellystone National Park. [Variety]

What If: Hangover star Bradley Cooper will play the lead in Dark Fields, a suspense thriller, about a wild pill that lets anybody — even Cooper’s character, a down-on-his-luck writer in New York City — access the full capacity of his or her brain and become rich and powerful. Hollywood has never heard of pills like this. [Variety]

Daily Sports: Comedy Central and the Onion are joining forces on a half-hour show about sports. The show will be a spinoff of the Onion’s Onion Sports Network, and hopefully it will be like that other show Comedy Central has where they make fun of news shows, and smart people who still care about news think it’s really funny. [Variety]

Lady Gaga Meets Gossip Girl