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Larry Charles to Make NBC Even Nerdier

Someone Should Have Done This For Arrested Development: Larry Charles and McG are teaming up for a semi-scripted NBC comedy about a group of sci-fi fanboys whose favorite TV show gets canceled. They take matters into their own hands and shoot their own version. Charles, who has experience with the semi-scripted genre (Borat, Bruno), will write and direct what is being called a “prototype” for what the show will eventually look like. That probably just means there will be far less nudity when it actually makes it on TV. [Variety]

King Me: Helena Bonham Carter and Guy Pearce will star in Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech along with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. The drama will center on a young King George VI as he assumes the throne after his brother abdicates it. Nervous and unprepared, George works with a speech therapist who helps turn him into the man who leads his country against the Nazis. Keira Knightley hasn’t yet found her way into this period flick, but give it time. It will happen. [Variety]

Clothed Fogies Singing: Writer Will Reiser is in talks to pen Young@Heart, Fox Searchlight’s fictionalization of its documentary about old people singing. The original tells the story of a group of seniors that sings songs by artists like the Clash, Coldplay, and James Brown. Also (spoiler alert) some of the choir members die. [HR]

Like Matthew Weiner, For Robots: Caprica, Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica prequel, has got itself a showrunner. Kevin Murphy originally joined the show in October but has just now taken over day-to-day operations. Caprica will chronicle how the Cylons were created. We’re assuming that will involve Skynet. [HR]

Old Timer: Simon Russell Beale and Fiona Shaw have signed-on to star in a new National Theater production of London Assurance. Written by Dion Boucicault in 1841, the comedy revolves around Lord Harcourt, whose wooing of a young heiress is thwarted by his own son, and Lady Spanker, who rides horses. A lady who rides horses? Ha! [Variety]

Larry Charles to Make NBC Even Nerdier