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Leaked: R. Kelly Gets a Little Less Freaky This Time

R. Kelly, Untitled

Official release date: December 1

The verdict: On R. Kelly’s last official release, 2007’s Double Up, the physical act of love was expertly compared to such hilarious activities as visiting a zoo, playing a guitar, indulging a sweet tooth, and exploring outer space. If you were worried about his ability to match the comedy on subsequent albums, well, you were right. Even so, his new Untitled — which leaked over the long weekend — is still pretty awesome. Immediate standouts include “Exit,” an earworm in which he attempts to lure a pair of ladies out of a club; “Be My #2,” a full-on disco tribute to backup girlfriends; and “Text Me,” a horny slow jam sung to a special lady Kellz would like to get to know better via SMS. Also notable is “Echo,” a much-anticipated yodeling-enhanced number likening lovemaking to mountain-climbing — which is still good, even if it doesn’t quite make it to outer space.

Here’s “Exit”:

Leaked: R. Kelly Gets a Little Less Freaky This Time

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