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NYT: Megan Fox Not Funny Anymore

In this Sunday’s Times Magazine cover story, Lynn Hirschberg profiles self-aware media genius Megan Fox, famed Transformer actress and former frequent sayer of bloggable things. We say former since, in the piece, Hirschberg is disappointed to find Fox — famed bikini-wearing Hitler-comparer — now quiet, aloof, and seemingly sick of the persona she’s constructed (“I am on display for men to pay to look at me. And that bothers me. I don’t want to live that character”). As such, the piece is an interesting, revealing read, but one without the outrageous pull quotes typical of most other Fox interviews. Just how dull is she now? After the jump, the completely innocuous joke she refused to do on her recent SNL appearance.

What’s to account for the new boring Megan Fox? It seems at least part of it can be blamed on her still stinging over the dis letter posted to Michael Bay’s official website by “anonymous crew members” (who were probably Michael Bay). From the piece:

“I got myself in this whole mess,” [Fox] told me. “But it doesn’t matter. I know that the things they said about me in the crew letter were not true, but Bay is not happy with some of the things I’ve said about him. I was waiting for someone to defend me, to say, ‘That’s not accurate,’ but nobody did. I think it’s because I’m a girl. They left me out there to be bludgeoned to death.”

Fox was apparently so upset that, on the October 14 episode of Saturday Night Live she hosted, she refused to make light of the situation with what might’ve been the first funny joke of the show’s current season. In a New York hotel during her SNL rehearsal week, Fox tells Hirschberg:

“There’s one specific pitch that we can’t do,” Fox said. “They wanted me to do a Q. and A. with the audience for the opening monologue. And Hitler is in the audience. Hitler stands up and says, “Why did you compare me to Michael Bay?” ” Fox laughed. “Which is funny, but we can’t do that.”

Too bad! We hope Michael Bay is pleased with himself. And we hope that the TimesMegan Fox slideshow racks up enough page views to have made all of this worth poor Hirschberg’s trouble.

The Self-Manufacture of Megan Fox [NYTM]

NYT: Megan Fox Not Funny Anymore