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So, How Does the New Lizard Undercarriage on V Stack Up to the Original?

All the better to French you with, my dear!

There’s lots to admire about ABC’s brand-new reboot of the classic miniseries V. We were correct with our original assumption that the Visitors would be stand-ins for terrorists this time around (as opposed to Nazis), but we thought that positioning them as a terrorist sleeper cell was an inspired touch. However, the one moment that everyone was really on the lookout for last night was the initial reveal that — 25-YEAR-OLD SPOILER ALERT — the Visitors are, in fact, mouse-eating lizard people. To that end, we pulled a few screencaps from last night’s big-budget premiere and compared them to the primitive-yet-lovable effects of the original to see whose alien makeup fared better.

Here’s the first look we got at the updated Visitor undercarriage last night, which took place during the warehouse raid. Be warned, it’s fairly gory.


Compare that to the “old” alien skin from the original V miniseries (which, by the way, has been airing on the SyFy Channel pretty much nonstop for the last few days):


And here’s another grody shot from last night’s episode, one that reveals that Morris Chestnut is one of the Vs!


We can only hope that the new V works in a full lizard reveal next week!


And, of course, we can’t wait to see the PETA uproar when we finally get to see Anna, the leader of the Visitors, wolf down on a furry rodent. She’ll never be able to match the kinky awesomeness of Jane Badler’s Diana, but we’re hoping her mouse-eating skills improve over the original’s shocking but super-phony special effects:

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So, How Does the New Lizard Undercarriage on V Stack Up to the Original?