Oasis Without Noel Gallagher?

On Friday, Liam Gallagher clarified his post-Oasis plans: He’ll continue writing, recording, and performing music with all current members of Oasis not named Noel Gallagher, just not under the name Oasis. This is a ballsy call, seeing as Noel has literally written every single popular Oasis song. In fact, Liam didn’t even start writing songs until 2000’s Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. But it might not be totally crazy: Liam’s been steadily improving over the past nine years, going from “sort of embarrassing” with Giants’ “Little James” to “totally not terrible” with last year’s “I’m Outta Time,” the second single from Dig Out Your Soul. Looking further through the back catalog, we also like Liam-penned “Songbird” and “Guess God Thinks I’m Abel.” Go on, give ‘em a try, and admit this might not be a terrible idea.

“I’m Outta Time”


“Guess God Thinks I’m Abel”

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Oasis Without Noel Gallagher?

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