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Carla Gugino Is Desperate for Some Legitimately Sexy Porn to Come Her Way

“There’s a level of darkness that’s involved in the world of adult filmmaking, and I didn’t think it was going to help me to really delve too much into that. I did talk to some porn actresses and I checked out the book by Jenna Jameson, who sort of turned the whole scenario into a bestseller. I’m just not a big fan of porn movies. I want them to be sexier. And being an actress, I’m always critiquing the production and going, ‘The lighting is terrible. Her make-up is bad.’ I’m not the best audience.” —Carla Gugino on the tribulations she faced in preparing to play her first porn-star role in Women in Trouble [Parade]

“I didn’t smash it [the guitar] on him, I wish I had, man. He sort of … treated my guitar poorly, which was a present off my wife. So I thought it was only fair to pay the compliment [back] so I smashed one of his. It sounds ridiculous, like a pair of old women.” —Liam Gallagher on the geriatric nature of his sibling rivalry with Noel Gallagher [Spin]

“I have worshiped this woman for so long that I would have played her driver or her chiropractor. Then I found out I was going to be her leading man. I’m not allowed to tell you that I have some romantic scenes with her. They don’t want to spoil the surprise. But I can tell you that it’s easy to imagine being in love with her. So, romance with Meryl—yes, I was terrified. First of all, you’re worried because, no matter who the actress is—remember, I’ve played those kinds of scenes with Geena Davis, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, and my ex-wife, Kim Basinger—you’re always hoping that it goes well. You hope they like having you around.” —Alec Baldwin romanced Meryl Streep for the forthcoming It’s Complicated [Parade]

“The script I thought was very sharp and very funny. And I also thought the idea of it could be oddly moving. But the biggest thing was, ‘Oh, God, how great would it be to go to England and be the only American on set and kind of get away for a while and work with these guys and get to know these guys?’ And that ultimately was the best part about it.” —Philip Seymour Hoffman on escaping his people for Pirate Radio [MTV]

“I want to open my production company. What I hate the most in an actor’s life is the idea that you have to wait until someone else decides what you have to do. I don’t like this feeling of powerlessness, the total loss of control. I always admired Warren Beatty’s career: actor, director, producer.” —Robert Pattinson probably hasn’t seen Dick Tracy [VF Italy via MTV]

“I woke up. In the dream it was two people in a circular meadow and one of them was a sparkly boy and one was just a girl who was human and normal and the boy was a vampire, which was bizarre. It was a passion and frenzy when I started writing.” —Stephanie Meyer on the dream that made her a millionaire international celebrity [Oprah via MTV]

Carla Gugino Is Desperate for Some Legitimately Sexy Porn to Come Her Way