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Vera Farmiga’s Breasts Have Finally Found Their Purpose

“I was feeling very womanly. All of a sudden, I had breasts and they had purpose! I felt the empowerment that birth brings. On one hand, yes, in normal, non-hormonal circumstances, I would have an easier time clicking in to the character’s suave coolness, sensuality and confidence. Focus was difficult. When your milk comes in and you know your child is hungry, and you’re wearing a silk shirt and you’re staring at George Clooney doing his close-up, having to interrupt and say, ‘Hold that thought!’ And go do that. … If you look at it again, you can probably see angles when I contort my bosom and my torso just to disguise what was really happening at the time. Truly, I’ve never felt more womanly than at that time in my life. And that probably added to the performance in delicious ways.” —Vera Farmiga on filming Up in the Air shortly after giving birth [Envelope/LAT]

“They’re probably back living in Woodsboro. I think that he’s probably still deputy, and I’ve had a lot of kids. I don’t know. I’m probably miserable, and then I’m sure a lot of murdering will happen.” —Courtney Cox imagines what we might expect from Scream 4 [AP via Boston Globe]

“The song became successful by accident. [I] had 100 DJs swear to me that they only played the song because they needed a long break to go and smoke a cigarette. If it had been a minute shorter, you couldn’t have smoked a full cigarette. If it had been a minute longer, it would have been too long.” —Charles R. Cross, Led Zeppelin’s biographer, on “Stairway to Heaven” [NYP]

“In most cases and for some unknown reasons everything is running for me against the general trend. If the others have it easy I suffer. When I have it easy the others suffer. I’ve no idea why this is.” —John Cusack, the contrarian [Spiegel Online via Female First]

“I dress just like Serena. I own half her wardrobe, so it’s far too similar to the way I dress. I feel ridiculous at times with her, because I’m, you know, killing someone or marrying someone, but I look like me. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is absurd.’” —Blake Lively [Nylon via MTV]

“I’m a positive person, but I’m very, very sensitive. Maybe over-sensitive. I cry in movies, reading books, anything to do with death, just people going through traumatic experiences, anything to do with animals will set me off. There are certain songs I can’t go near. I can’t sing “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” I can’t even hear it without wanting to bawl. ”—Weepy Leona Lewis [Telegraph UK]

Vera Farmiga’s Breasts Have Finally Found Their Purpose