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Blake Lively Isn’t the Least Bit Worried About Being Attracted to Alan Arkin

“Apparently naked, not fully naked. I was lying partially naked on Alan Arkin, but strategic body parts were covered. It’s always scary when you’re in front of strangers half naked, but the fact that it was with Alan, honestly, didn’t make it any weirder. I think being with a young dude would have been more awkward because I might have been like, ‘Well, does he think I look cute right now?’”—Blake Lively on not caring what Alan Arkin thought in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee [Parade]

“I don’t think I could be here without her. I think she has blazed a trail. She is an amazing woman. She will always be the Queen of daytime television and she also said she is leaving me all of her money. I was like, God, thanks Oprah, thank you.”—Ellen DeGeneres on Oprah’s announcement [EllenTV]

“Yes, it happens in The Runaways. Yeah. We’re playing Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, and they’re best friends in the film and became really close in real life. And that’s something that went down back in the ‘70s.”—Dakota Fanning on a passionate kiss between she and Kristen Stewart [Access Hollywood via Advocate]

“I’m very embarrassed about my golf habit. It’s awful. I wish it had never happened to me. I used to have a well-rounded personality, many interests, and now I don’t really care about anything except golf. I went as a joke [12 years ago]. But I quite liked it. I used to be a big reader. Now I read Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible.”—Hugh Grant on his golf addiction [Parade]

“She died at the age of 46, not of anything sudden; she was one of the most spectacular victims of the revolution. It would have needed the Taliban to protect her.”—Martin Amis on his sister, about whom his latest novel is based [Guardian UK]

“I don’t drink, and karaoke is something you should only do drunk. But I’m obsessed with Adele. I put on ‘Chasing Pavements’and sing it in my apartment. The great thing about Adele is if you put her on top volume, you actually sound like her while you’re singing. I’ve gotten a few complaints from the neighbors.”—Twilight’s Nikki Reed on her version of drunkenness [Spin]

Blake Lively Isn’t the Least Bit Worried About Being Attracted to Alan Arkin