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Rachel McAdams: Villainess in Spider-Man 4?


Rumor has it that Sam Raimi is considering Rachel McAdams for the part of the Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, in Spider-Man 4.

Fans recall that when Spidey first encounters the Black Cat, she’s a cat burglar looking to free her ailing father from prison. She becomes smitten with the web-slinger, to the point of a stalker-level obsession. Later stories had Peter reciprocating her affection and her becoming a lover, a friend and ally (the perfect thing to allow Sony to create a Spidey spin-off).

Rumor also has it that Raimi is looking to cast a male villain for the fourth film, a marked departure from any single-villain model intentions. [Mania.com]

Rachel McAdams: Villainess in Spider-Man 4?