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Harvey Keitel to Curse at Small Children

Focked Up: Harvey Keitel has joined the cast of the Little Fockers, the completion of the Meet the Parents trilogy. The film will focus on the Focker children and Keitel will play a contractor employed by Mr. Gaylord Focker himself. How they’ll fit in the cursing and blood and guns that Keitel brings with him to every movie, we do not know. [HR]

Aww, Nuts: Holding fast to his commitment to no longer direct humans, Robert Zemeckis will helm a computer-generated version of The Nutcracker. The film will be an adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffmann’s novel The Nutcracker and the Mouse King rather than the Tchaikovsky ballet. It will focus both on the war between dolls and mice as well as the nutcracker’s back story. Like, what happened in his childhood that caused him to want to crack all those nuts. [Cinemablend]

Drug Pedaler: Jason Priestley has optioned the rights to Death of a Freerider a Rolling Stone story about a 22-year-old mountain biker who took up drug smuggling to earn some extra money and ended up dying along the way. Since Priestley is 40 and Hollywood only allows actors within ten years of a character’s age to play said character, he’s not going to be able to star. [Variety]

Where No Man has Gone Before: Zachary Quinto is close to landing his first post-Star Wars Trek role in the romantic comedy Whirligig. Quinto would play a man who tries to woo an older woman and ends up becoming buddies with her son in this Canadian indie. Quinto has been super selective about his next film role and several contingencies must be met before he officially signs on. The first: casting Jennifer Coolidge as the older woman. [Risky Business/HR]

Fahrenheit 2009: Ray Bradbury will make a mini-series out of six of his short stories for White Oak Films. The Bradbury Chronicles will be a six hour event on a yet-to-be-determined network. It’s not yet known what Bradbury stories will be used, but it is known that they’ll be awesome. [Variety]

Harvey Keitel to Curse at Small Children