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Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris to Overshare

OMG: Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris will star in TMI, Universal’s movie named after a piece of internet slang. The film will focus on a couple that finds honesty to be good for their relationship, but too much information to be bad. Next up for Universal: BRB and LMAOPMPAPPA. [Variety]

Get a Job: Chris Elliot has signed on to play the lead in Eagleheart, a live-action comedy pilot for Adult Swim. From Conan O’Brien’s production company, Eagleheart is about a TV executive sent to Texas to produce a goofy action series. The star (Elliot) of the series makes things as difficult as possible for the executive by using the show to preach right-wing politics, conservative paranoia and bicycle safety. [THR]

America’s Weirdest Home Videos: A&E has given the green light to Bob Saget’s Strange Days starring Bob Saget, of course. The hourlong show will follow Saget around the country as he meets with biker gangs, Amish teens, mail-order brides and survivalist cults. It’s being positioned as a take on Saget’s stand-up act, in which he often makes jokes about these kinds of people. One group we assume he won’t be mentioning: those who’ve performed sexual favors for cocaine. [Variety]

Busy Busy: Anna Faris’s comedy with Ryan Reynolds isn’t her only pairing with a hairy man. She’s also in negotiations to star as Robin Williams’s daughter in Wedding Banned. The comedy will center on a divorced-couple that kidnaps their daughter on her wedding day to keep her from ruining her life like they ruined their’s. But, as chance would have it, the parents rekindle their love as they run from the angry groom. Prevail love! Prevail! [THR]

Yo Teach: Abigail Spencer, Sally Draper’s sexy teacher, has been cast in NBC’s pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, about a Chicago lawyer who goes nuts and coaches his clients on to represent themselves. Spencer will play the lawyer’s co-worker and his fiancee. She will not put a box on her head. [THR]

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris to Overshare