Seth Meyers’s Sunday Routine is Pretty Impressive

Best laid plans.

We love the New York Times’ running feature “Sunday Routine,” which gives the rest of us the chance to compare our Sundays to those of celebrities, and also to kind of extremely-low-effort stalk them. Today it was SNL’s Seth Meyers’ turn to share, and aside from the heroic running and the UCB performances, it sounds reassuringly familiar, particularly this part:

“Around 12:30, there’s this moment of truth: Am I going to leave the house before 7? About 90 percent of my friends are in the cast, so when we’re out on Saturday night we make all sorts of plans for brunches and movies that never happen. Let’s just say, if I make plans to see a Sunday afternoon movie, I end up going alone. But don’t feel sorry for me! I love being alone on a Sunday!”

They’re just like us!

Sunday Routine: Mostly, it’s About Recovering from SNL [NYT]

Seth Meyers’s Sunday Routine is Pretty Impressive