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5 Things That Might Happen on the Mad Men Finale


Tonight is the Superbowl for fans of Mad Men, so why not indulge in some pointless and uninformed speculation about the big change/s that are going to occur on the show’s Season 3 finale tonight? It would be so fun to say “I told you so,” after all (though we probably won’t get to say that.) So here are some things that could happen, in ascending order of our belief in their likelihood. Remember: it’s just a prime-time soap opera TV show!

5. Betty could die.
Reason it could happen: everyone seems to think it’ll happen eventually, so why not now?
Reason it might not: she’s so pretty!

4. Peggy and Duck could get engaged.
Reason it could happen: They’re doing it. Maybe he wants to “give her a go-around like [she’s] never had”…for life!
Reason it might not: Boring.

3. Don could get fired.
Reason it could happen: It’s one more thing that could come crashing down.
Reason it might not: Too obvious.

2. Don and Betty could break up.
Reason it could happen: Well, it will, of course, probably, unless she dies.
Reason it might not: That’s what happened last year. Old!

1. Baby Gene could die. (Or get really sick.)
Reason it could happen: Baby Gene’s existence is what got Don and Betty back together before, when Betty found out she was pregnant, so he represents their love/commitment, and we know Betty’s love is dead. Also, we barely ever see baby Gene, because baby actors are expensive. (It is great comic relief when they use that uncanny animatronic doll, though). Sally thinks he’s evil. And, the biggest clue: that thing somebody said last week about Jackie Kennedy’s baby dying? Hello! If that’s not foreshadowing we don’t know what is.
Reason it might not: dead babies are such downers, and the audience might not respond well to such a huge loss.

Or, alternatively, maybe everyone will get fired or die. We’ll know at 11pm Eastern, when the music plays, the screen goes black, and everybody says “wow” at the same time.

5 Things That Might Happen on the Mad Men Finale