Steven Tyler: Quitter, or Just Moody?

Rock and roll prima donna.

Guitarist Joe Perry might have known that things were a bit rocky with Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, but he had no idea that Tyler was thinking about leaving the band until he read rumors on the Internet. Tyler was five kinds of snob on a recent trip to Abu Dhabi, but nothing out of the ordinary from the inflated frontman.

“[In Abu Dhabi], he was off in his own dressing room, he stayed in different hotels from the band, travelled on different planes. We never saw him until we walked on stage on any of those shows … Now, maybe we’ll get a telegram from him; I don’t know… I did call him when we were in Hawaii, because we had some gigs that were offered to us to do in South America, like, three gigs that we were gonna do in December. And I called him up and asked him if he would consider doing them, and he hung up on me about halfway through the conversation, so I kind of got the hint that he pretty much wants to be alone and wants to do his own thing.”

Perry sounds so blasé about the whole thing. Has it always been like this between Aerosmith bandmates? Rock and roll?

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Steven Tyler: Quitter, or Just Moody?