The Lovely Bones Gets a Rare Thumbs-Up From Harry Knowles

We suppose it makes sense for studios to give Ain’t It Cool News’s Harry Knowles, the Internet’s easiest critic, an early look at geek-baiting stinkers like G.I. Joe, The Phantom Menace, and Watchmen, with the tacit understanding that he likes everything and will lavish them with barely intelligible raves — but why Peter Jackson’s presumed Oscar contender, The Lovely Bones, one of this awards season’s final remaining question marks that most assume will be pretty good? Harry’s embargo-flouting Bones review went live last night and — surprise! — it’s a barely intelligible rave!

Harry opines:

This is an incredibly lovely film. From the visuals to the performances to the story-telling and film work… It all goes to capture a very powerful story in a way that makes you want to hug those close to you… This is an incredibly powerful film, masterfully told and captured as only cinema in the hands of a consummate storyteller can tell it. LOVELY BONES will be one of the films of the year.

Way scarier than Knowles’s subtle hinting that other critics might not be quite so kind to Bones (“I imagine that some of Peter’s choices in adaptation could very well be hotly debated amongst readers of the book”) is that Paramount was nervous enough about the film’s critical prospects to give him first crack at it at all. Hold those Oscars!

Harry says that LOVELY BONES is a lovely brutal film! [Ain’t It Cool News]

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The Lovely Bones Gets a Rare Thumbs-Up From Harry Knowles