They Are Saying ‘Douche’ on Television!

A TV show where they say “douche.”

There is a whole hilarious article in the New York Times today about how the word “douche” is being said on TV all the time now, and how it’s because TV writers need another word for “jerk,” and how kids these days probably don’t even know what it means. Highly recommended reading, but this was our favorite part:

“In total, the word has surfaced at least 76 times already this year on 26 prime-time network series, according to research by the Parents Television Council, which compiled the statistics at the request of The New York Times.”

(Ring ring) “Hey Parents Television Council? This is The New York Times. Can you do us a favor and watch all of the prime-time network TV this year and count up how many times they say “douche”? You can? Awesome, thanks, bro!”

More Than Ever, You Can Say That on Television [NYT]

They Are Saying ‘Douche’ on Television!