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Week in Review: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Is Open for Business

Wow, where did those thirteen weeks go? On Sunday night, we bid a fond adieu to the third season of Mad Men, which concluded in spectacular fashion with our new favorite TV-show-closing theme song, “Shahdahroba.” About 2.3 million people tuned in for the finale, despite the fact that Bill Clinton thought the show’s sexist streak could’ve been much funnier. But we were left wondering, did Matthew Weiner steal the idea for his show from The Office? And what if Jon Hamm had played Roger Sterling instead of Don Draper? And where did Betty Draper learn to play beer pong?

So, then, what else happened this week? Let our exclamation-point–filled roundup show you the way!

Late-night talk shows stayed mostly male! Katherine Heigl took maternity leave! Slash took Fergie to “Paradise City”! Lindsay Price got dumped by ABC and Josh Radnor! The New Museum made some controversial decisions! Dollhouse got canned and Joss Whedon responded by getting drunk! Clash of the Titans and Date Night disappointed, but Kick-Ass didn’t! Aerosmith reconciled! Robert “Joe” Halderman raised some money! And George Lopez peed his pants!

Cavemen resurfaced! Milhouse turned gay (maybe)! The oeuvre of Roald Dahl got ranked! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 broke the bank! Megan Fox nearly ruined comedy! Reality television claimed another life! Wynonna dissed Taylor Swift! James Franco did it for the art! James Cameron began crowning!

Week in Review: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Is Open for Business