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Woody Allen to Fawn Over Carla Bruni in His Next Film?

A-Muse-Ing: Move over Scarlett Johansson, Woody Allen has found a new muse. Her name is Carla Bruni, and she’s the first lady of France. She’s also set to star in Allen’s next film. “He offered me a role in his next movie,” Bruni told Bloomberg News. “I don’t know for what character, but I said yes. I’m not an actress at all. Maybe I will be terrible. But, in my life, I cannot let such a chance go.” More than her performance, we’re looking forward to the inevitable Allen/Sarko throwdown over Bruni’s heart. [Bloomberg]

Quay Cowboys: Invictus scribe Anthony Peckham has signed on to write the script for Deep Sea Cowboys, an adaptation of a Wired article about a salvage crew trying to recover a capsized Japanese cargo ship. The story will take place in real time as the crew fights to salvage the ship’s cargo so it can claim the reward, which may or may not be a valuable cache of Japan’s favorite commodity — poop hats. [THR]

On Notice: USA Network has renewed Burn Notice for a fourth season. The hourlong drama about a Miami-based spy has been one of the cable channel’s biggest shows in 2009. Produced by Fox Television Studios, Burn Notice joins Psych as the second show renewed by USA in as many days, proving that not all of America takes a nap the week before Thanksgiving. [Variety]

Continue Lying: Fox has picked up Lie to Me for a full season, ordering an additional nine episodes of the Tim Roth drama. The show hasn’t performed exceptionally well in its post-House slot, but it did enough not to get canceled. And these days, that’s success. [Variety]

Woody Allen to Fawn Over Carla Bruni in His Next Film?