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Cameron Diaz Would Like to See You After Class

An Education: Cameron Diaz has enrolled herself in Bad Teacher, a Jake Kasdan-directed comedy scripted by Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, about a “foulmouthed, gold-digging middle-school teacher who, after getting dumped by her boyfriend, competes with a colleague for the affections of the school’s model teacher.” If you’re the world’s only person who watches Glee to see what happens to the adults, you’re probably already standing in line. [Variety]

Speaking of Glee: Idina Menzel — the Wicked actress who won a 2004 Tony for her cover of Kurt Hummel’s “Defying Gravity” — is nearing a deal to join the cast of Glee as the director of New Directions’ rival show choir, Vocal Adrenaline. As long as she never raps, we’re totally on board with this. [Ausiello Files/EW]

League Reupped: It fills the heart-shaped hole in our chest (that ABC put there when it canceled Cavemen) with happiness to hear that FX just bought itself a second season of The League, the fantasy-football comedy starring Vulture buddy (and Cavemen alum) Nick Kroll. Yay! [Live Feed/HR]

Don’t Pass Me By: On January 4, ABC will air the one-hour premiere of Conveyor Belt of Love, a dating show on which 30 dudes will be sent down a conveyor belt, with each given one minute to make an impression on a group of five women. If interested, the women can select a man to take on a date. The uninteresting men will continue down the belt and be ground into hot dogs. [Variety]

Loving Angels Instead (of Vampires): Disney has snapped up the film rights to Lauren Kate’s YA novel Fallen. The four-book series, all covered under the deal, involves a love triangle whose three points are a girl and a pair of fallen angels who’ve been fighting over her for a hundred years. “Twilight comparisons are inevitable,” says HR, probably because this sounds exactly like Twilight. The publishing industry is convinced that angels are the next vampires, and Disney throwing money at this thing certainly won’t change its mind. [HR]

Cameron Diaz Would Like to See You After Class