Dexter: Blood Test


Wish You Were Here
Season 4 Episode 11

An episode that features a recurring character dying in a pool of blood would have to be good … right?

Dexter had an exciting few weeks, but it couldn’t last forever. The season’s penultimate episode cuts the good times short and replaces them with an extended (and unrewarding) riff on identity.

Trinity tries to track down “Kyle Butler,” ends up killing the wrong Kyle Butler, and finally realizes “Kyle” is ol’ Dexter Morgan in homicide. Dexter is worried that his colleagues will discover Trinity’s identity and rob him of his intended victim, so he sets up someone else, framing a truck driver for the series of murders.

Reporter Girl initially pretends that she has no idea who her father or Trinity is, but when Daddy rejects her yet again, she snaps. She’s about to finger him as a serial killer for the cops, but Debra is too distraught over Lundy to get the full truth as the two ladies play out their faux-bonding father-issues dance. Hurt, frustrated Reporter Girl confesses to murdering Lundy — but shoots herself in the head without telling the cops who Trinity really is.

LaGuerta assumes her supervisor is picking on her because of her ethnicity or gender, but he just thinks she’s arrogant. There’s only one thing she can do to preserve her job: Become Mrs. Batista. The quickie wedding with a criminal-court judge isn’t exactly heartwarming — and we’re pretty sure Dexter doesn’t count as a witness if he doesn’t understand that he’s watching a marriage — but the lovebirds will remain in homicide. More romantically, when Dexter’s cuckolding neighbor rightly identifies himself as an asshole, Dexter punches him, and Rita couldn’t be more pleased.

And, yes, Dexter once again mulls over the conflict between family and murder, recognizing himself as both a good serial killer and a good brother. Next week should offer more excitement: Presumably Dexter will finally kill Trinity. But just like Reporter Girl, we’re bitter and self-destructive when crossed, and this soporific episode leaves us hoping either that the “innocent” victim from earlier in the season will come back to haunt Dexter, or that his attempt to blame that truck driver will get him caught. This long-running series and petered-out season needs a shake-up, and that means more blood, less identity theory.

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Dexter: Blood Test