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Domino’s Pizza No Longer Sponsoring Jersey Shore

The Noid makes that show.

TMZ reports that Domino’s Pizza has instructed their media buyers to pull all advertising from MTV’s controversial Jersey Shore, releasing a statement saying “The content of this particular program is not right for Domino’s Pizza.” MTV has come back with their own statement: “Jersey Shore” may not be for every sponsor or advertiser and we understand that.” In related news, Trojan has announced that after their commercials aired during Jersey Shore, they are now the most profitable company in the world.* You can now wear your “Avoid the Noid” T-shirt with pride.

* Trojan isn’t currently a sponsor (though First Response pregnancy tests are), but they should probably consider it.

Dough! Domino’s Pulls Out of Jersey Shore [TMZ]

Domino’s Pizza No Longer Sponsoring Jersey Shore