Eminem Tries, Fails to Start Beef With Adam Lambert

We are going to finish the decade the same way we started it: with Eminem lamely making fun of pop singers and getting called out for his homophobic lyrics. And this time it’s a three-for-one, with the offending track aimed at the reigning King of Controversy, Adam Lambert (plus with the slightly less relevant Lance Bass and Clay Aiken). “Elevator” — for the most part a harmless celebration of the fact that Eminem is now, to his surprise, so rich he can afford a house with an elevator — contains the lyrics “Sorry, Lance, Mr. Lambert, and Aiken ain’t gonna make it/ They get so mad, when I call them both fake/ It’s all these fucking voices in my head, I can’t take it.” Now it’s being pointed out that the way “fake it’s” is pronounced sounds like a certain slur.

The Internet is upset, but Adam Lambert is cool with it: First he tweeted, “Wow, Eminem mentioned me in a song?! I must be doing something right!? Even if he used the ‘F word,’ whatever,” then added, “Oh, he says ‘fake it.’ My bad.” Mysteriously, Lance Bass’s and Clay Aiken’s Twitters have stayed silent on the subject. Obviously, Vulture condemns any use of the f-word, either overt or covert. But can we now move on to the second most offensive part of this story? Eminem is still making fun of Lance Bass? Seriously?

Listen to “Elevator:”

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Eminem Tries, Fails to Start Beef With Adam Lambert