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Jersey Shore Roundup: J-WOWW Wants to ‘Be Shredded,’ MTV Pulls Some ‘Guido’ References From Show

It might not exactly be The Greatest Show Of Our Time material quite yet, but damned if we aren’t still pretty pumped up for tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore. We still have another nine hours or so before the Situation, J-WOWW, Shnickers Snooki, and the rest of the crew implant a new slew of catchphrases into the collective consciousness, but in order to help you survive until then, your friendly Vulture editors have collected a few things to whet your appetite.

• First up, here’s a brilliant interview that the Long Island Press did with the alpha female of the Seaside Heights abode, Jenni Farley (a.k.a. J-WOWW). While her demeanor on the first two episodes of Jersey Shore may have led you to believe that she’s little more than a cuckolder with a penchant for penis piercings, she actually owns her own freelance-graphic-design firm and bought her very own house in Franklin Square last year. Lest you think that she’s little more than a boring and responsible person IRL, she also had this to say: “I have friends who will go on extreme diets for three months just so they can go to Vegas Memorial Day Weekend, and in their quote-unquote words, ‘be shredded.’” Phew! We can’t tell you how much better it makes us feel to hear that the pursuit of “pounding out” lives on in places other than summers on the Shore! [Long Island Press]

• While MTV certainly has a ratings hit on their hands, all that glitters at 1515 Broadway isn’t necessarily gold. Some of the show’s sponsors have dropped out of their deals under boycott threats, and MTV flacks have allegedly been dealing with death threats. In an interview with James Hibberd of The Hollywood Reporter, MTV president Tony DiSanto candidly admits that the controversy has caught him off guard and left him feeling “bummed.” So, as a means of making good with the all-important business community and protest groups, “We actually did pull the word ‘guidos’ from voiceover and descriptions of the show.” Oh man, now we’re feeling “bummed”; we definitely don’t love this situation. [Hollywood Reporter]

• Wanna see Shnickers Snooki, the self-described Princess of Poughkeepsie, doing drunken Spring Break back handsprings while wearing only a bikini? Done and done! [TMZ]

• And, lastly, here’s a video that was put together this fall by 495 Productions, the reality-TV house that’s responsible for the brilliance of Jersey Shore. In a fitting tribute to one of Jersey’s finest selling points, it’s called “We Don’t Pump Our Gas, We Pump Our Fists!”

[last video via Skeet on Mischa]

Jersey Shore Roundup: J-WOWW Wants to ‘Be Shredded,’ MTV Pulls Some ‘Guido’ References From Show