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Justin Bartha to Flex His Pipes

The Replacement: Justin Bartha, the least memorable guy from The Hangover, will step into the roll of Max in the Stanley Tucci-directed revival of Lend Me a Tenor. The role had previously belonged to T.R. Knight, who recently dropped out. Bartha’s character is the assistant to the general manager of the Cleveland Opera Company and is forced to sub for a renowned tenor in a production of Othello. When the tenor wakes from a drug-induced nap, hijinks begin. Everyone loves hijinks. [Variety]

Banks Shot: All Tyra had to do was wait until 2011, when Oprah finally hangs up the mic, and she would have become the number one single-named talk show host in all the land. Instead, she’s decided to shutter The Trya Show after its fifth season and concentrate on producing movies. You know you want to see Life-Size 2. [NYT]

You Rang?: Jerry Zaks is leaving his role as director of the the Broadway musical All About Me and joining The Addams Family as a creative consultant. Zaks will be charged with reworking the show, which opened to middling reviews in Chicago. There’s obviously one solution to this: more Cousin It. The answer is always more Cousin It. [Variety]

Fog of Zombies: Producers Gil Adler and Shane McCarthy are planning to bring the comic book Night and Fog to the big screen. The story is set during WWII and involves a poisonous gas released on a military base where it transforms everyone into creepy creatures. A group of survivors must fend off the creatures until help arrives. There’s also a father trying to escape the fog with his children. So it’s like The Mist meets Dawn of the Dead meets 2012 meets awesome. [Variety]

Justin Bartha to Flex His Pipes