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Meet Mavis Spencer, Your Miss Golden Globe for 2010

Each and every January, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association takes it upon themselves to usher a new starlet into the collective international consciousness by naming a scion of Hollywood royalty as Miss Golden Globe (or, in the case of Freddie Prinze Jr., Mr. Golden Globe). However, this honor comes with one big catch: The Foreign Press is glad to let these daughters of the revolution flaunt their bodies onstage and also to help steer drunken presenters toward the appropriate side of the stage from which they can comfortably find the nearest bar exit to talk to the press but, sadly, they aren’t allowed to speak. It’s pretty sad, actually, that the ceremony still abides by the old adage that these exquisite young things should be seen and not heard; we can’t help but think there’s a corollary between the HFPA not allowing Miss Golden Globe to speak and the general lack of acting success that plagues these supposedly prestigious honorees later in life.* However, that’s the sort of feminist spin that the women over at Jezebel are better equipped to take on than us.

All that said, meet Mavis Spencer, your Miss Golden Globe for 2010! Time to get excited!

Spencer is the 18-year-old daughter of the Emmy winning (and 1984 Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee) Alfre Woodard. Apparently she’s both an aspiring actress and equestrian show jumper who will be attending Columbia University next fall. Our hearty congratulations go out to Spencer, and we sincerely hope that she’s able to avoid drunken hugs and tasteless “C’mon baby, let me see those Golden Globes” jokes that are no doubt doled out by some of Hollywood’s drunker elder statesmen each and every year.

*There are only a handful of these actresses that we recognize: Linda Evans, Laura Dern, Anne Archer, Melanie Griffith, Joely Fisher, Rumer Willis, and, of course, Freddie Prinze Jr.!

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Meet Mavis Spencer, Your Miss Golden Globe for 2010