roman polanski

Party at Roman’s This Weekend!

After a short delay, Switzerland’s Justice Ministry has agreed to release Roman Polanski this Friday at 1 p.m., on $4.5 million bail, to his gorgeous mountain chalet where he’ll chill out under house arrest for a while. He’ll have to wear an ankle bracelet, but the L.A. Times reports that it might not be so bad:

Swiss justice officials were quoted by AFP and Swiss news media as saying Polanski would be allowed to make unlimited phone calls and have full access to the Internet. Although he cannot leave his home, he can invite friends over and throw parties at the tony chalet in the ski resort of Gstaad.

That pretty much sounds like how we live, except our home Internet connection barely functions and our apartment isn’t large enough for parties.

Polanski to be released on bail Friday for return to his Alpine chalet, Swiss officials say [LAT via Movieline]

Party at Roman’s This Weekend!