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Mariah Carey Is Still Complaining About That Mustache in Precious

“It was overhead lighting, all fluorescent, hideous. Very hideous. I had dark circles under my eyes and a little mustache. The hair was disgusting, and the clothes were horrible. I really had to let go of any vanity and not care about my good side or my bad side. I had to strip down everything I am, and become a completely different woman and put myself in her shoes, and understand how it felt every day to be with people just asking you for money. Now that’s something I can relate to.””—Mariah Carey on her Precious role [Telegraph UK]

“When Rob [Marshall] first started telling me about it, I had the same response all the actors had, which was a tremendous desire to attempt the challenge, but at the same time, a lurking fear that comes with trying to express yourself in a way that is completely outside your sphere of reference. We all made fools of ourselves on day one, which you have to do when you’re unsure of things.”—Daniel Day-Lewis on starring in Nine [Telegraph UK]

“You can’t compete with the abs.He’s about the handsomest guy ever — girls are melting over railings to get to him. The solo is the only way to compete!”—Billy Corgan on touring with Dave Navarro [MTV]

“Fortunately, the actual rape and murder of her character is implied, or I don’t think I could have done it. But, the scenes where I’m sort of seducing Saoirse [Ronan] were tough enough. I apologized after practically every take or just said, ‘Are you OK? Are you all right, are you OK?’ And she did the same thing to me. She’s a very mature young lady. The irony is that we really bonded while we were filming. Our scenes were so intense that we really needed to be comfortable with each other.”—Stanley Tucci on playing a rapist and murderer in The Lovely Bones [Parade]

“Simon’s obviously very smart. But he’s not the smartest person I know.”—Carrie Underwood on Simon Cowell [Esquire]

“My friends started to call me Gaga. They said I was very theatrical and that although I’m in pop music, there was a performance-art element to the show, like Freddie Mercury. So they said, ‘You’re Gaga’.”—Lady GaGa [Showbiz Spy]

Mariah Carey Is Still Complaining About That Mustache in Precious