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Mark Wahlberg Just Thrilled to Put a Slug in Derek Jeter

“What happens is I make a very big mistake early on. I’m so amped up about getting into the action and being able to use my gun — I’m being groomed as a homicide cop, but I have to do details like most cops do — and they put me in Yankee Stadium for game seven of the World Series. I’m looking for [suspicious characters], and this guy comes running out of the tunnel with a baseball bat. I’m like, ‘Holy shit! This is a restricted area, and this guy’s got a dangerous weapon!’ So I draw my weapon, and I’m telling this guy to stop. He keeps running at me, so I shoot. It turns out to be Derek Jeter, who has an iPod on, who’s running to go out for batting practice. So, obviously the whole city hates me. They send me to the DA’s office and they put me with Will Ferrell, who plays my partner. I do everything I can to get back out onto the street, but I have to drag his accountant ass around with me.” —Mark Wahlberg on his role in The Other Guys [MTV]

“I’m afraid to say it. Ghostbusters 3 is happening. I hope people are excited about that. I don’t know if I’m going to be in it, I have had a couple of calls asking ‘Would you read the script?’” —Sigourney Weaver [Examiner]

“In a way, it’s our Jew film.” —Ethan Coen on A Serious Man [GQ]

”There are big blockbuster movies being made based on franchises and not a lot of them are very good.” —Peter Jackson on the state of the film industry [Sydney Morning Herald]

“It was boy becomes man last year, and this year it’s man becomes spy.” —Josh Schwartz on the second season of Chuck [TV Guide]

“Guys are like, ‘My girlfriend watches it, so I watch it.’ But sometimes they watch it on their own. Someone came up to me recently and said, ‘I’m a Washington, D.C., police officer, and I tell everybody I’m busy on Monday nights — but I’m really watching the show.’” —Leighton Meester on all the closet Gossip Girl fans [GQ]

Mark Wahlberg Just Thrilled to Put a Slug in Derek Jeter